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Product variety, extremely low point difference
  • Profit opportunities at any time
  • Very low transaction costs
  • Transaction in 24 hours a day
  • Making profits form currency appreciation or depreciation
  • Leveraged transactions - a higher profit margin with smaller initial funds
  • Creating huge profits for radical investors with high volatility in the money market
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The market price
All global investment products can be found
  • Novice Recommendation
  • FX Recommendation
  • Recommendation for precious metal
  • Recommendation for commodity index
  • Name Spread Margin Recommendation Index
  • 美元兑日元 2.2-2.6点 500 美元/手
  • 欧元兑美元 1.9-2.5点 500 欧元/手
  • 美轻质原油 5-6点 1500 美元/手
  • 标准普尔500指数 7.1-8.2点 800 美元/手
  • 黄金 4-5点 市场报价 美元/手